10 september 2013

Client Testimonial by Anna-Karin R.

I hired Jimmy because I felt that I looked boring and predictable and never ever had the "wow" factor. I needed new inspiration, better knowledge of how to combine different items, as well as someone to guide me through it all. So Jimmy and I met to talk, then went to my house to go through my closet, and we finally went shopping twice together. The whole experience turned out to be very useful and fun! And besides his knowledge and eye for style, Jimmy's sense of humor is a true asset!

For the second shopping day, Jimmy had really walked the extra mile, doing lots of background research, which made me come home with several fantastic items that I use all the time now. An added bonus was the photos of me in different outfits that I had tried on during the day - a terrific way for me to remember how to do it right without him by my side.

Jimmy has changed the way I shop, the way I look and how I feel about myself. Instead of being dreadful moments, mornings are now a fun time - I get to pick an exciting combination of clothes and accessories from my closet to spice up my day. And it is so much easier than before, now that I understand the concepts and what suits my body type.

Thanks to Jimmy, I can now walk into a room thinking: "hey, look at me - don't I look gorgeous today?" and even though looks are not supposed to be affecting my job performance, knowing that I look great makes me feel more confident and happy about myself the whole day.


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