16 juli 2012

The Colorful Dandy of New York

The Blonds - Front Row - Spring 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
( September 13, 2011 - Source: Cindy Ord/Getty Images North America)

Two years ago when I was walking  in the Meatpacking District in NY, I bumped into
Patrick McDonald, known as Mr Dandy. We talked for a while about NY and fashion.
I was so happy that he was so sweet.
So when I got back to NY this year, we met for lunches and had so much fun.
Dandy is a very funny person, who loves his eggs and tabasco, and not to forget his iced tea.
He and his twin brother were born in Heidelburg, Germany to American parents and returned to the United States aboard the SS United States. Dandy spent his earlier years in California and soon after attended Punahou Academy Prep in Hawaii. he enrolled at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California and graduated with a BA in Fine Arts.
I asked him a few questions, enjoy!

You are known as Mr Dandy, who gave you the "name" and what does Dandy mean to you?
Ike Ude, the artist.Dandy to me means seeing beauty in the art of dressing.
How would you describe your own style?
A cross between Salvador Dali, Quentin Crisp with a little Tony Duquette thrown in!
Which piece in your wardrobe could you not live without?
I could not live without clothes, I feel I look awful naked!
If you could just pick one fashion designer, who would it be and why?
Paul Smith because it "Suits" me!
How did you start working in the fashion industry?
I moved to New York in the fall of 1978 and my first job was at "Fiorucci" with Joey Arias, it was like a nightclub during the day! I would work all day at "Fiorucci" and dance all night at "Studio 54"!
Then I moved on and worked for Gene Pressman at Barneys in the mid-80's in the buying office with Connie Darrow.
Then I became the "Couture Director" for fashion designer Fabrice in the late 80's, he was amazing and he is no longer here and I miss him everyday.
After his passing I worked for Couture Designer John Anthony in, in-house PR.
I now freelance and I am working for the very talented jewelry designer Kimberly McDonald.
I also have written for Paper Magazine , "The High-Brow" column and all the Mao Magazines.
What is your current position?
Dandy of all trades for Jewelry Designer Kimberly McDonald.
There is a tough attitude in fashion, what are your thoughts about that?
I hate it! The ego's and self-entitlement is out of control in the fashion industry here.
I say "Less Attitude and more Gratitude"!
Would you say that there is a difference between European fashion and American?
Most definitely!
Most American fashion designers play it safe and are not innovators, they follow the pack.
I think it's because most of them are just stylists not designers!
In America it's about money and what will sell, not about the design or the creativity.
European designers take risks and are creative.
However, there are exceptions in both America and Europe.
Where do you find the best fashion in NY?
Bergdorf Goodman Men's and vintage resale shops are the best for me!
NY fashion week is around the corner, how do you prepare and which shows are a must for you?
I always like to look my best. I am so amazed by so many fashion people that do not care how they look.
I wonder sometimes if they have a mirror at home, I think most of them have a blase attitude and they think it's cool not to care.
I say then do something else!
I do prepare in advance for fashion week it makes it easier with the hectic schedule.
Every season I look forward to a few shows and they are, Ralph Rucci, always so chic!
Duckie Brown, risk takers in men's fashion and The Blonds, for the Drama and Theater!

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