29 februari 2012

JIL SANDER is back

JIL SANDER SpA herewith announces the appointment of Ms. Jil Sander as Creative Director of the JIL SANDER Group, effective on the 28th of February 2012.
Jil Sander:
"I am very happy and excited to be back. It feels like coming home after a brief journey. The JIL SANDER brand is ingrained in my very being, naturally, my vision of sophisticated, truly modern design stayed with me, as vivid as on the first day. Paradigms change and evolve from season to season, but the heart of a brand doesn’t alter. It will be a great challenge and a greater joy to design JIL SANDER’s contemporary identity. I am convinced that the moment is as favorable as could be wished. The fashion world needs original voices and genuine signatures. I will do my best to, once again, join the choir."

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