8 november 2011

CATWALK 3D at Röda Kvarn

Source: Röda Kvarn
I'm invited to the CATWALK 3D movie on thursday 10/11 at Röda Kvarn in Helsingborg, Sweden.
The movie is taped during fashion week in Paris 2010 and it's the first fashion show in 3D. Valentino and Jean-Paul Gaultier are two big designers who will be in the movie.
The event is a collaboration between Röda Kvarn(cinema), Gemma and Tretton, two boutiques in Helsingborg.
Before the movie, Gemma and Tretton will have a "vernissage" with swedish fashion.
The event starts at 19:00.
Contact info for tickets:
Biograf Röda kvarn Karlsgatan 7 252 24 Helsingborg T: 042-13 41 41 info@biorodakvarn.se

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