21 januari 2010

ICONIC Betsey Johnson

Photo: Ngoc Minh Ngo
I just love Betsey Johnson, she is fun and doesn't take fashion too seriously. She has always been true to her "girly punk style". She doesn't follow rules. Betsey started working with fashion in the 60's. Edie Sedgwick was her house model during the Warhol period. She has won several prizes and one of them in 1999 by CFDA Awards, The Timeless Talent Award created especially for her, which recognized her influence on fashion throughout her career. Today there are over sixty-five Betsey Johnson stores worldwide. When you enter one of her stores you can't help smiling because of the vibrant and colorful wallpaper and cute dresses. Here are some of the questions I got to ask the "queen" of cart-wheels.

I always start by asking what is your star sign?
Double Leo, August 10TH.
Do you think you are a typical ......?
Did you always know that you wanted to be a fashion designer?
No, I wanted to be a rockette on Broadway.
How would you describe your own personal style?
Iconic Betsey.
And what is style?
Anything you make it. The person makes the outfit, not vice versa.
Which piece in your wardrobe could you not live without?
My good luck studded New York leather belt.
What can you tell me about the collection for SS 2010? And what inspired you?
Uptown New York meets downtown New York. It’s the uptown girl going downtown to party all night long.
Why do you think you are so successful?
Because I love what I do.
You have stores around the world, how would you describe your customers in the US contra Europe.
The US is actually very big with different types of girls in each city, same goes for Europe. But all of my girls like to have fun and smile when dressing up and I think thats’s what I’m able to offer them.
What advice would you giva a aspiring designer or person who wants to work in fashion?
You’re only as good as your last sale. Your product has to be special enough to stand out otherwise the competition will get you in the end. Also, it always pays to be a nice person.
How do you recharge your batteries?
By spending time with my two granddaughters, Layla and Ella.
I heard that you have swedish heritage, please tell me more.
Yes, on my fathers’s side.
And my last question is if you have any plans to open stores in Denmark or Sweden?
Hopefully one day!

2 kommentarer :

Cay sa...

She seem to be a wonderful and funny person. I never forget the first fashion show I attended in New York during the eighties when I was fashioneditor of Clic magazine, and we covered all the shows. She presented her collection downtown in an emptly apartementbuilding on figures illustrating her crazy jewish familymembers. It was so funny and provocative, I´ll never forget it. Since then I always have something of Betsey Johnson in my wardrobe. Cay Bond

Emilie sa...

åhh vilken fin intervju du har med henne! stor kram