17 september 2009

Mia Morgan - Celebrity Stylist

I met Mia Morgan in Stockholm during Fashion Week by Berns in June this year. I would describe her as chic and classy. On her client list is Vanity Fair, New York Magazine, Teen Vogue and so many more. She has worked with celebrities like Beyonce Knowles, Uma Thurman and Lindsay Lohan to name a few. Mia has worked with some of the greatest photographers like Gilles Bensimon, Patrick Demarchelier and Peter Lindberg. I asked Mia some questions about her job as a fashion stylist.

I always start by asking what is your star sign?
Virgo with a Sagittarius rising and Venus in Scorpio. I only know this because I just had my chart done at a party.
Do you think you are a typical virgo?
Typical What? There isn't anything really typical about me. Actually I am very organized like Virgo's are supposed to be. It's like I have a calendar in my head. I don't have to write much down and never skip a beat. The Sag is good because it makes me social and I like to travel.
How did you start working as a stylist?
I started working with clothing at a very young age, 12. I worked in fashion for a good 12 years professionally before I started styling; as a visual display person, merchandise manager and textile designer. My best friend was a stylist and I would assist her between movies I was costume designing. I didn't assist much because I was already designing feature films by the time I started styling so it didn't make sense for me to work under anyone for too long.
Did you study fashion?
Yes, I have a degree in fashion design from Wayne State University and I went to Film school at SVA in NY.
I know you work with advertising, magazines and celebrities. What do you like the best and why?
Fashion editorial is the most fun and creative but I love working with celebrities because I have met some of the most interesting people that way. When I am working and it all flows is when I am most happy, but I find this in every type of styling as long as I like the people I am working with.
Please tell me about the process when you do a styling job.
It starts with a seed. When the concept of the shoot is determined I might get inspired by a certain dress or things in nature or in the art world. I also love building around a texture or color. Do you want a longer answer, it's really different on every shoot.
Is there any rules in styling?
The are so many rules and non rules that I am not sure when we are breaking them or when we are sticking to them. To me, something just looks right or it doesn't.
If you could just pick one fashion designer, who would it be and why?
Ouch! Hard question. I would have to say Balenciaga.
Which piece in your wardrobe could you not live without?
At the moment my Natalia Brilli handbag. It's light weight, very chic and serves as a portable office as I am running around town prepping shoots.
What is style for you?
Style is when a person wears something and it makes them feel good and brings out their personality.
How do you keep yourself updated every day?
Mostly by changing my accessories around.
Which magazines do you read?
I like European publications like Numero, Bon and L'officiel and of course, Italian Vogue.
What advice would you give someone who wants to work as a stylist?
You have to work hard for many years. Stick with it. If the success comes to quickly you may not be ready for it. This is a really complicated job that takes lots of skill, talent and experience. Also, building the contacts and having them have trust in you takes a very long time. The big jobs require you to think fast and on your toes and have resources at your finger tips. Stay in tune with what's going on in culture and the world. Go out. Explore things and people.
There is a tough attitude in the business, why do you think?
Looking at the business from the outside in is like an illusion. It's not really what it looks like in here. It's actually a very complicated job and I think you have to really have IT to make it in this business. What is it? It's a combination of being able to use your left and right brain at the same time and never losing your cool.
And my last question, why do you think you are so successful?
Because I was born under right the star sign and it said I should be a stylist in my chart.

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Anna sa...

Superbra intervju. Spännande att du intervjuar erkända "doldisar" som inte alla känner till.

Anonym sa...

Läste just ett inlägg om Lindsay Lohan på www.hollywoodnytt.com