17 juni 2009

Lynn Yaeger - Fresh Wind In The Fashion World

The first time I laid my eyes on Lynn Yaeger was in a magazine and I just fell in love.
Lynn is the great fashion writer from my favourite city New York. She worked for the Village Voice for 30 years until she got laid off. Her column "Frock Star" (formerly "Elements of Style") was written with great sense of humor. I love Lynn because she has a great personal style and does not take fashion to serious. I bumped into her during the fashion week in Paris this year on St Honore. She was so friendly and open.
So when I emailed her last week and asked her if I could interview her for my blog, she answered sure why not send over the questions.
I always start by asking what is your star sign?
It's August 23rd, the cusp of Leo and Virgo.
Do you think you are a typical Virgo?
I don't believe in horoscopes.
You are well-known from The Village Voice were you worked for 30 years. What cool assignments have you done after V V?
The best thing I got to do was to write all about being laid-off in the May Vogue.
How did you start writing about fashion?
Well I always loved fashion and writing--they were the only two things I was ever any good at at all. Though I have always regretted not being a civil right attorney just a little bit.
Which piece in your wardrobe could you not live without?
My antique sterling and enamel "BABY" pin.
How would you describe your own style?
A very eclectic blend of 1920s flapper and broken Victorian doll.
If you could just pick one fashion designer, who would it be and why?
Probably Comme des Garcons, I do so love my Comme clothes!
And my last question is, will you attend the shows in Sweden and Denmark this year?
Well I was actually at the shows in Copenhagen last summer and would love to go back!

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Anna sa...

I love this. She is so corky and really her own person.